The Toaster that Longed to Be a VCR

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While most of our homes resemble some '60s sci-fi TV show, adorned in A/V equipment loaded to the gills with LEDs, our kitchens have remained sadly tasteful. That was, until this Jacob Jensen toaster.

Resembling a VCR turned on its side, the Jacob Jensen one-slot toaster features LED-backlit buttons that will bring a blue home theater glow to your counter top while serving as a countdown timer during toasting. Plus you get 9 toasting settings, user memory functions and "automatic bread centration," a prospect so well-phrased that we had to plagiarize it from the Appliancist.

Priced just under $100, I don't know art, but I know a toaster that looks like a VCR when I see one (which, by no surprise, is my very definition of art). [EZStyle via Appliancist]

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One slot? I hope its at least one of the double sized one for 2 slices of toast, otherwise, piece #1 will be cold by the time #2 is done and would have to go back in to re-warm, creating a vicious cycle of cold toast.