For near a decade, humanity's thirst for gladiatorial robot fighting went unsatiated when BattleBots went off the air. But with this month's joyous announcement that BattleBots would be returning to television, those memories of robot-on-robot violence came flooding back. So, I asked a simple question — what awesome robot fight would you wish you could watch?


Most of you came with some great match ups that weren't just equal in raw firepower but also even in the type of robot and, in some cases, personality. Only one on this list would be truly sad fight to spectate, but I'd be sitting in the front row anyways. Take a look, and add any other contenders who would be worthy match ups in the comments.

T-800 vs. Robocop

Terminator easy! Robocop (who I LOVE BTW) would give a T-800 a run for its money...and is a very cool player with his cop knowledge and street smarts but at the end of the day..he can be injured...he feels pain. A terminator... It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. Really stop and remember the first two films - no pain. It can be injured/broken but it doesnt care. Murphy..unless he got ahold of a super weapon of some kind would lose after a prolonged fight. Point - Terminator

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Luckily, as another reader pointed out, we don't even have yo use our imagination to hypothesize how this fight would play out.


GLaDOS vs. Bender Bending Rodriguez

That wouldn't be much of a fight. More likely they'd fall for each other, then join together to enslave humanity.


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Hmm, good point.

Dalek vs. Cyberman


Easily the two most iconic Doctor Who villains in existence (technically both a combination of organics and cybernetics) and have actually gone toe-to-toe a couple times in the series. But usually they come to a stalemate. For these two, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

Robot B-9 vs. Robby the Robot

I would pay good money to see Robby the Robot and Robot B-9 from Lost in Space have a wiggly-armed slap fight while emotionlessly shouting at each other.


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Wheatley vs. Claptrap


This would either be the greatest idea for a sitcom or the most annoying battle of all time. I mean, they would basically just make jokes to each other until, I don't know, one of them ran out of power? We'll assume that Wheatley is in his pre-power drunk phase of course, otherwise it would be no contest.

Sentinel vs. Wall-E

Today on The World's Most One-Sided Robo-Fights!

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Oh. Oh my. That one is not even fair.


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