The Truth Behind Girls Against Video Games

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There's something special about living in Kansas. Wait, I take that back, there isn t. So when a humble school such as Kansas State University gets word of MTV visiting to hunt for a unique video game-related story people will do whatever it takes to get on TV. This is the true story of a group of girls begging for attention, and abusing the hobbies of their so-called boyfriends to get that attention. Check out the insider story after the jump.

My Mistress the Xbox [MTV Overdrive video requires IE]
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This entire incident revolves around Facebook. Facebook is a website that allows college students to put up profiles and make friends, join groups, post on message boards, etc. It is similar to that of a MySpace but college students only. The Girls against Gamers group that is featured on MTV started with a small Facebook group with less than ten members. October rolls around and MTV decides to make a trip to K-State to hunt for the perfect story to fit in their Game0RZ week that happened last week and suddenly the group decides to explode to upwards of 70 attention-grubbing members who just want to be on TV. Since the mid-October taping, this group has once again died to nothing. Kansan ladies don t care about their gaming boyfriends any more; they are too busy with their grain science classes. Ladies, if you really want to get on MTV that bad, do it the old fashioned way appear braless on one of those reality shows. I hear Real World: Lawrence is going to be hawt.