The Ultra-Modern Chair That's All About Old-School Carpentry

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The Medici Chair is a contemporary piece inspired by traditional craftsmanship. It was designed for Mattiazzi by Konstantin Grcic, who got his start as a cabinet maker.

Formed from a American walnut, Douglas Fir, and thermo-treated Ash, the chair is characterized by its basic wood composition. It is built in a way that is true to its material, with plank-like pieces and sharp angles that reflect the beginning of a construction process. Its joints are visible, a prominent, outward display of its meticulous craftsmanship that gives the chair a bit of complexity. Joinery is a task woodworkers take a lot of pride in, so these parts echo Grcic's careful attention to his craft.

Aside from its central role in the look of the chair, wood also makes it suitable for outdoor or indoor use. In addition to the three natural options, it also comes in a cool grey and bright yellow. It's low to the ground with a reclined back and generously wide seat, making for a comfortable spot to rest, but also giving it a cool, relaxed aesthetic. [Contemporist via HypeBeast]


Image credit: Mattiazzi

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I want some plans for this chair so I can make them myself. They look wonderful.