Big shocker here: according to Flowing Data's map of U.S. coffee chains, Starbucks dominates across the entire U.S., and Dunkin Donuts has a massive foothold on the East Coast. Apparently that stereotype about Boston residents loving their DD is true.

The map, which shows the nearest chain within a 10-mile radius, shows that even though Starbucks is the most prolific nationwide, it's not necessarily the favorite within particular reasons. The Midwest, for example? Well they're pretty attached to Caribou. Starbucks, meanwhile, is most popular in its home region of the Pacific Northwest. Then there's quite a consistent selection of Seattle's Best throughout the country, but once again, it doesn't come close to Starbucks' omnipresence. Oh, and of course, it wouldn't be a coffee map without a smattering of Tim Horton's up in the Great White North.

Here's each chain mapped separately:

Now there are plenty of bogus maps and visualizations floating around out there, but Flowing Data's actually make sense. In fact, the site also did the same kind of research for pizza chains. Interestingly enough, there are a lot of places in the country where you'll have to search for more than 10 miles for a major coffee chain, but not a lot of ground where you'll have to do the same for pizza:


At least Americans know where their priorities lie. [Flowing Data h/t Digg]