Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line isn’t just for turning characters into awesome looking action figures — sometimes the vehicles get the treatment too. The latest entries in the Revoltech line are totally badass versions of the X-Wing and the Delorean!

Revealed in a NicoNico stream recently, the two models come complete with display stands to show them mid flight, and feature moving parts. The X-Wing’s cockpit can be opened, to remove the hilariously pudgy looking little Luke Skywalker out (R2 can be taken out too), the S-Foils can be locked into fight or attack positions, and Landing gears can be extended to pose the X-Wing landed or ready for battle.

But honestly, it’s the Delorean that shines out of these two toys. There’s a ton of little details like the Mr. Fusion slapped to the back, or the fact that you can fully swing open the side doors and get a good look inside the car itself. It even has moveable wheels so you can recreate it flying, complete with wonderful firey SFX pieces for extra fun.

Few other details were revealed, other than the X-Wing’s price of 5,500 yen (or about $46) — but expect these little guys to be around 6” in length like previous small scale vehicles made in the Revoltech line like The Dark Knight’s Tumbler.

[via TAG Hobby]

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