The Verizon Samsung Continuum Is a Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone With Two OLED Displays

The breakneck pace of awesome Android phones continues: this is a leaked picture of the Verizon Samsung Continuum, an Android phone with two OLED displays. One screen acts as the main display while the second screen acts as the "Ticker".

The "Ticker", as its called now, will show notifications, RSS updates, weather forecasts, and presumably more tools of that nature. It's likely that the "Ticker" will give users a quick-access method to use their phones without needing to fire up the big screen. It's an interesting concept that should add versatility and give the Continuum a hallmark feature.


Other than that, the Continuum seems to be another Samsung Galaxy S device. No word on availability yet but it's supposedly headed to Big Red. [Engadget]

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