The Walking Dead's Youth-Oriented Spinoff World Beyond Has Been Delayed

The young protagonists of The World Beyond.
The young protagonists of The World Beyond.
Image: AMC

The second generation of The Walking Dead’s world is going to have to wait a bit longer for their journey, as The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been delayed.


Originally, World Beyond, which features a group of survivors journeying out into the apocalyptic wastes beyond the safety of their home, was scheduled to premiere Sunday, April 12th, right after the upcoming season finale of The Walking Dead’s tenth season. But as TV Line reports, the series premiere has been delayed to an unknown date in the future.

World Beyond is just the latest in a long series of TV shows and films affected by the novel coronavirus’s disruption to the economic and the entertainment industry in particular. As of now, AMC has no word on when World Beyond will air save for sometime later this year.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond stars Alexa Mansour and Alliyah Royale, and picks up years after the ongoing story of the main series, and seems to be quite a tonal departure, with a new generation of horrors and a much more hopeful, teen-drama sort of tone. It’ll be interesting to see what it shapes up to be, when it does end up premiering.

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Yeah on a personal note, that quote and still frame on top makes me feel ok about the delay. I remember when people and reviewers were not fans of Carl very much. They didn’t care for the performance or how the character was written or most story arcs for him as a kid turning teen.And I’m saying that gently.

I kind of remember the teenagers at hilltop for those couple of episodes. Not their names of course. Just that many didn’t really care about the subplot of teens sneaking out to drink and playing with zombies and one being a bully, the other a boy scout with the whole social awkward love of the enemy outcast.

So now those types of stories will be the focus on many episodes I guess. Mean girls and gossip spreading rumors that the shy awkward girl gets it on with zombies. The boys sports team hazing new recruits by making them fight zombies in Mortal Kombat like Rick did with the garbage people. So the show is an attempt to make it something like a Riverdale?

All jokes aside, it is possible the show will be a hit. The other possibilities can’t be denied either. It could bomb. It could also do CW numbers, which would be fine if it was on CW. However AMC probably has higher expectation for a show of that size and budget. It could do ok but make smaller ratings than Fear the Walking Dead. Some might say showing a continual decline doesn’t matter because the ratings are still high, while others would say AMC doesn’t see it that way and wants an upward trajectory.

So wait and see for those that choose to. Yet after reading this, I’m fine of waiting longer and seeing if maybe they could improve their ads for this show.