The Weird, Hypnotic World of VHS Intros

Have you stared into the soul of internet today? No? Well, here's your chance. The folks over at Everything is Terrible have taken 50 VHS production company intros—those little animations that played on tapes back when you still used them—and layered them into a single deeply disturbing video.


Last week we wrote about a series of skateboard decks inspired by the labels from old VHS tapes, so this seems like a fitting follow up. What's so interesting about this particular video is the way it's edited. As each new intro is layered over the last, patterns start to emerge: Most of the clips used the same rendering techniques, the same animation styles, even the same lighting schemes.

Dim the lights, sit back, and prepare to enter into what feels like a 97-second-long fever dream of cyber demon. [BrandNew; Vimeo]



Kind of like Justice's music video, but not fun to watch.