How do you get beleaguered tech writers to take interest in what is basically just another Bluetooth speaker? It's all about form factor, and with Edifier's new Spinnaker speakers, a design that looks like they were lopped off the business end of a rhinoceros.

Just to be clear here, no rhinoceros were harmed in the making of this speaker, but I suspect a product tester or two might have lost an eye during the shakedown period. At 15 inches tall the Spinnaker's pointy design won't appeal to parents with a kid-safe obsession, but amateur audiophiles should be content with the tweeter, mid-range driver, and downward pointing sub packed in each horn.


The Spinnaker's aren't battery-powered, so you're limited to using them in the range of a power outlet. But they do include a wireless infrared remote for controlling volume and playback, so you can still wander about while rocking your tunes. Availability and pricing to be announced. [Edifier]