The World's Biggest Multi-Touch LCD Is a Hypnotic Plaything (Updated)

We at Gizmodo rarely get to feel like TV news bigshots, but since Gizmodo Gallery is all about making dreams come true, Perceptive Pixel is bringing us the world's largest multi-touch LCD. Think CNN's Big Board—only way cooler.


Update after the event below

Sometimes we're lucky enough to be on CNN, but they never friggin let us near the crazy interactive display broadcasters use for election coverage. So we called up Perceptive Pixel—the folks who make the Big Board—and they offered to bring their brand new, positively hugondous display to Gizmodo Gallery for the first of our daily exhibitions.

On Gizmodo Gallery's opening day, we'll be showing off Perceptive Pixel's latest and greatest creation. They call it the 82" Multi-Touch Display. We call it the baddest, most technologically advanced touchscreen we've ever seen. The 1920 x 1080 HD flat panel display supports an unlimited number of simultaneous touches. The huge screen is sensitive to touches smaller than a millimeter so that even the lightest tap of your fingernail registers—it might not be well-suited to us after we spend a week eating way to many pancakes.

The 82" LCD Multi-Touch Display was just released, which means that visitors to Gizmodo Gallery on December 6th will be amongst the first people outside Perceptive Pixel's labs to put their grubby mitts on this glorious piece of design and engineering. That's right, you can show up and play with a screen more advanced than the one used by a major cable news network. Take that, Blitzer.

Update: 12/7/11
Perceptive Pixel was kind enough to let us borrow its brand new 82" multi-touch display for Gizmodo Gallery this year. And yesterday's visitors got an exclusive look at the experimental applications the company built to explore the possibilities of the technology.


It's hard to describe the experience of playing with the massive display in person, but this video gives you a sense of its immersive power. It sucks you into its world. Once you get going, it starts to feel like you're in a science fiction movie doing something important, like protecting the galaxy from aliens. But at its core, the display is really just a giant Windows rig with Perceptive Pixel's custom-built UI on top. More than a computer, the screen is a huge, immensely powerful tablet.

Perceptive Pixel's display turns the ordinarily rigid applications and tools we're used to like maps, image editors, and video dialogs into dynamic experiences. Objects and windows bend, spin, slide, and expand intuitively. While the company does have a standard set of gestures it uses commercially, the options are limitless. The apps we saw were loaded with all kinds of different functions developers are toying with. Perceptive Pixel's founder Jeff Han told us that now that his company has developed a multi-touch platform that's capable of almost anything, the key is to narrow the focus while maximizing flexibility. We're psyched to see what happens next!


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Would love a set up like this when it comes to doing research for a paper. I like having a lot of sources available cause once I commit to the project I hate momentary distractions. Too easy to lose my train of thought when having to look and shuffle through lots of stuff.