If you haven't heard, 360-degree cameras are a thing. They're going to be a big thing when virtual reality takes off. Imagine being able to relive any moment in your life, revisit any place you plopped down a camera. But 720-degree cameras, well... those are a bit of a marketing ploy!

That's not to fault IC Real Tech's Allie line of products (Allie, get it? It's like a selfie, but with everything), which actually look pretty cool. They use a pair of fisheye cameras, front and back, to capture literally everything around them. There's a $400 rocket-shaped ruggedized one for kids, and a couple of $300 ones for adults, one with a cord for permanant installation and another with a built-in battery so you can take it on the go.

The problem is that if two fisheye lenses front and back is IC Real Tech's definition of a 720-degree camera, it's not much of a world-first. That's the same exact technique the Ricoh Theta uses already, as well as other 360-degree / spherical cameras I'm forgetting. And I didn't see anything about the way IC Real Tech stitches that footage together that was more compelling than other examples I've seen.

That said, the Allies don't just record moments for posterity, they can livestream their 8-megapixel footage via the company's cloud service, which could be a killer feature all by itself. They can also hold up to 16 hours of the highest quality footage to a 128GB SD card, or embed them in an HTML5 player (coming soon.)



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