The World's Least Practical Flying Car Takes Flight

Flying cars are the Jetsons dream that never came true. But wait, some Dutch dudes have cobbled together a weird-ass helicar contraption that combines all the worst, most impractical elements of car and helicopter into one amazingly expensive prototype! Thank goodness.

On the ground, this thing—called the PAL-V One—has three wheels and tilts as you corner; it's not a car, as such, more a weird enclosed motorcycle. Like almost every other impractical flying car, you have to stop and unfold parts before you can even attempt to fly it. Then, you only get to take it up to 4,000 feet or less, because of the way it's licensed for flight.

Sigh. On the plus side, it does hit 112 mph, both in the air and on the ground, and you can get away with topping it up with good ol' gasoline. There's no word at the moment about when it will be commercially available, but if it follows the path of some of its rivals—like Terrafugia —we'll be in for a long goddamn wait.


Speaking of which, Teraafugia reportedly hit a "major milestone" itself last week, as its first production prototype took to the air. It suggests that it might even have a model for sale some time this year. I suspect you may see a pig fly first. [PAL-V Terrafugia ]

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Of course this isn't a helicopter. It is called a Gyrocopter and they have been around for 80 years.

They are considered to be right along side para planes in complexity and flying difficulty.

If you recall in Mad Max, the flying guy had one of them.

Not a bad solution do the flying car thing. At least as good of a flyer as the Terrafugia with a LOT less complexity and cost.

A typical Gyrocopter sells for about $10-$15k.