Often in athletic competitions an athlete's biggest advantage comes from their gear. So if you're a cyclist after a first place finish, Cervélo's P5 triathlon/time trial bike has been designed and engineered to be the most aerodynamic ride on two wheels.


To ensure the bike slips through the air with as minimal resistance as possible, Cervélo has gone to great lengths to minimize drag. Including hiding every single wire and cable inside the P5's curvaceous frame, and using unique surface finishes on different parts of the bike to optimize airflow. And since the P5 is designed for longer competition rides, there's even streamlined spots for stashing water bottles and snacks.

Cervélo claims the engineering improvements made to this version of the bike could result in shaving up to 30 seconds off of a 25-mile ride, which could easily mean the difference between a medal and just finishing the race. And while at $6,000 it's definitely far more expensive than a Schwinn, as far as professional racing bikes go it's a downright bargain. [Cervélo via Popular Science]