The World's Safest Shiv Also Makes Your Ladder Way More Useful

Ladders might give you access to areas of your home you simply can't reach, but that's pretty much all they're good for. Need to bring a few tools with you to fix a leaky gutter? You're on your own—unless you've got this handy Ladder Limb in your toolbox, which adds a carabiner for hanging or storing everything from paint cans to the toolbox itself.

It looks like a large rubber shiv, but instead of silencing squealers, you actually stab it into the end of the hollow rungs on an aluminum extending ladder. When jammed in there far enough the Ladder Limb can support up to 22 pounds, and it works on either side without obstructing your path up the rungs.


Individually the Ladder Limbs will set you back $30 each, but since your ladder has more than one step, there are also six and twelve packs available—for $162 and $288 respectively—if you're the type who likes to buy in bulk. [Ladder Limb via Werd]

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