The World's Slimmest OLED 3DTV May Be a Mere $9,000

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After last year's 15.1-inch beauty, LG partnered it up with a 31-inch beast. It's officially the world's slimmest OLED 3DTV, but that's not saying much when Sony is the only other manufacturer with an OLED 3DTV.

The brief look I had at the OLED showed it was just as bright as their 15-inch model, and super thin too, at 0.29cm thick. The thin silver bezel and polished silver back makes it look very premium—but premium enough to want to spend the $9,000 it's rumored to cost?

BERLIN, Aug. 30, 2010 – At this year's IFA, LG Electronics (LG) is showing its strength in OLED technology with two high-tech masterpieces: LG's newest OLED 3D TV — the world's slimmest — a 0.29cm model boasting a 31-inch screen; and the 15EL9500, the first OLED in the world with a 15.1-inch screen.

Using state-of-the-art OLED technology, LG's OLED TVs dispense with the backlights used on conventional LCD models in favour of a film of pixels that actually produce their own light. Sleek and paper slim, they mark a major leap in television technology, producing pictures of stunning brightness, clarity and contrast.

LG's 31-Inch OLED 3D TV: The Perfect OLED Solution
As the pinnacle of the company's OLED TV range, LG's new OLED TV takes the bril- liant picture quality of OLED technology and transfers it onto a 31-inch canvas. At just 0.29cm in depth, the 31-inch OLED 3D TV is the slimmest TV in the world and displays state-of-the-art picture quality in both 2D and 3D.

With LG's superior OLED technology enabling a Perfect Black Level and an Infinite Contrast Ratio, the new OLED set can project all existing colour levels including the full palette of dark colours thanks to Detailed Gray Scale. In addition, with its Wide Colour Gamut and a No Colour Gamut Shift within varying gray levels, users can enjoy life-like colours under any viewing conditions and from any angle. Topping it all off, the 31-inch OLED 3D TV delivers the very best in smooth and immersive 3D images, as well as superlative 2D images.

With its stunning design, LG's 31-inch OLED 3D TV blends in harmoniously with countertops, bedrooms and practically any home interior. Ultra slim, LG's newest OLED TV uses an innovative mountable bracket that can be installed, moved and rein- stalled on walls or even ceilings with minimal damage to the existing interior. The ex- quisite design further enhances the picture as the screen is practically free from borders, and a seamless glass cover helps deliver even more dynamic images.

In addition to leading in picture quality and design, LG's 31-inch OLED 3D TV also re- tains a cutting-edge in green technology. Made with no harmful materials such as lead and mercury, it minimises pollutant emissions and waste by using fewer parts and mate- rials, and dispensing entirely with liquid crystal, colour filters and backlight units.

15EL9500: LG's First OLED TV
Though more compact in size at 15.1 inches, the 15EL9500 brings with it all the excep- tional picture quality of OLED. With no external sources of light influencing its output, the 15EL9500 can deliver perfect levels of black on an isf certified picture, with up to 1.5 times greater Perceived Luminance than on regular LCD TVs. OLED technology also ensures an even faster video refresh rate, a feature that working in conjunction with TruMotion 100Hz, renders more dynamic pictures and all but eliminates blur from even the fastest sequences.

Accompanying this superlative picture is the 15EL9500's equally remarkable sound quality and design. In addition to the invisible speakers that pump out superb sound – which is further sculpted by the Clear Voice II and SRS Trusurround XT technologies – the 15EL9500's slimness and light weight combine with its folding stand to make it a convenient and stylish addition to any room.