The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter Saves You From Carrying a Brick

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Laptops are supposed to be highly portable, right? But even with a built-in battery you're never leaving home without its power adapter—and that's usually a long cable with a hefty brick somewhere along its length. They're hardly compact, but this laptop adapter from FINsix is.


It looks like an elongated version of the tiny charger Apple includes with the iPhone, but it's able to provide a laptop with 65W of power. In comparison, the MagSafe 2 power adapter included with the MacBook Air is only rated at 45W.

And FINsix's adapter doesn't have a bulky brick anywhere along its flexible cable. What you see there is everything, well, almost everything. It actually includes a 2.1A USB port on the end, so you can also use this adapter to charge your smartphone or tablet. Brilliant. Pricing hasn't been nailed down yet, but when it's available starting mid-2014, not even a hefty price tag could dissuade us from upgrading our current monstrous adapters for this beauty. [FINsix]


MAKE2 Mifune

Kind of sketchy. They're not even listing the output voltage, which is a standard specification to list for electronics. Most laptops use 19V AC bricks, but there are also ones that use 12V and 24V. They need to also list the barrel adapter size. Is it a 2.5mm barrel jack? (most common), or is it something else?

Omitting this kind of information will result in people screwing up their electronics by mindlessly plugging stuff in just because it fits.

(For those who aren't aware, the wattage rating of a device is calculated by multiplying the voltage by the amps. 12V 3A = 36 Watts. All decent electronics will list their input voltage requirements and all decent adapters will list their output. If your device consumes say...75W but your adapter is only rated for 65W, you'll possibly overwork and fry your's ok to use a larger watt power supply on a lower watt device, but you cannot have different voltages. If your laptop is 12V, you must use a 12V adapter, not a 19V. )