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The Your Name Remake Just Landed a Spider-Man Director

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Marc Webb, director of two Amazing Spider-Man movies as well as the whimsical 500 Days of Summer, has been hired by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot and Paramount to direct the live-action remake of Makoto Shinkai’s masterpiece, Your Name.

Deadline broke the news and also provided a few details on how the anime is being changed for English speaking audiences:

In this reimagined version, a young Native American woman living in a rural area and a young man from Chicago discover they are magically and intermittently swapping bodies. When a disaster threatens to upend their lives, they must journey to meet and save their worlds.


Eric Heisserer, writer of Arrival and Bird Box, is writing the script.

“Marc was our first choice to direct this refashioned interpretation of the film from the moment we explored creating an American version,” producer Genki Kawamura told Deadline. “As we saw in 500 Days Of Summer, Marc has a tremendous talent for telling great love stories and in the same way moviegoers were captivated by the original film, we are certain Marc will engage fans of the original and an entirely new audience for these characters’ beautiful journey. With J.J. Abrams producing, Eric Heisserer writing and Marc directing, this project officially has the team we dreamed about.”


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