There Are 200 'Real' Superheroes In The United States

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This story is perfect for Hollywood: real people who lead ordinary lives by day, but like to put on leotards and spandex briefs at night and actually fight crime. People like Geist, The Emerald Enforcer, Black Arrow, and Mr. Silent fight baddies in major cities across the country, meaning you probably have one somewhere nearby as you read this. They carry weapons like smoke grenades and big sticks, and they even have their own group name: "The Reals."

These crimfighters have their own MySpace pages, an online costume shop that builds their custom wear (whatever happened to people sewing it themselves, like Spidey did?), and are seriously into the gig, including the long hours of doing nothing. Like "Superhero" who patrols the highways of Florida in his 1975 Corvette, ""What I do is 80% boredom punctuated by 15% helping and 5% terror."

So you've got your crazy characters who try to fight crime on their own, deluded by the existence of comic books and heroes in the movies. Give them sort sort of baddie to go up against, like the couple who were inspired to become criminals by their goth books, have them go toe to toe. In the end, someone learns a heartwarming lesson about life, and that everyone is a hero on the inside, yadda yadda yadda, and bang, there's your movie.


Actually, we're surprised none of these people have ended up dead in an alley somewhere and splashed on the local news. Then the studios and comic book publisher could just brace themselves for the slew of lawsuits that would inevitably pop up with people saying, "Gee, Batman did it in a movie, so I copied him and lost my arm in the process! You owe me a million bucks!" So beat 'em to the punch already, Hollywood. Put them in your movie.

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