There Is No Hannibal Recap Today Because Hannibal Now Airs On Saturdays

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Ohhhh NBC. First you cancel Hannibal, then you “downgrade” it by moving it from Thursday night to Saturday night, aka TV’s boneyard? After this week, there are still six episodes, and we haven’t even met Francis Dolarhyde yet! Fortunately, despite all the bad news, the show still held its Comic-Con panel.


Speaking of Comic-Con, that’s why I didn’t have a recap of the blurry, woozy wonder that was “Dolce” last week. So that’s on me. Spoilers follow only if you’re a week behind.

And it’s too bad, because Will and Hannibal finally reconnected! But not before Jack and Will descended on Bedelia, who fakes that she doesn’t know who she really is (“I’m not even mad at you, to tell you the truth. I’m fairly impressed,” Jack tells her), which she maintains even as the Italian police (on Mason Verger’s seemingly endless payroll, natch) start poking around after the recently AWOL “Dr. Fell.” And W&H’s long-awaited reunion is rudely interrupted when Will catches a bullet in the shoulder (thanks, Chiyoh!)

Plus: Alana Bloom and Margot Verger hook up in an artsy, kaleidoscope-esque sequence that gives a visual to this episode’s theme of twinning, of being conjoined. And plenty of food porn and gore porn, because this is Hannibal, after all. What’s for dinner? “Never ask. Spoils the surprise,” Hannibal tells Will as he preps for a do-over of season two’s ill-fated finale meal. But the surprise is, well, this:

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Oh boy. Also, the other surprise is that Will doesn’t die! And somehow, mysteriously, possibly magically, he and Hannibal end up in Mason Verger’s clutches. Party at Muskrat Farm!

The wonderfully upbeat Hannibal panel at Comic-Con can be watched in its entirety below; because it’s 40 minutes long, here are some highlights for you:

* Fuller says both Netflix and Amazon have passed on picking up the show for a fourth season, but there’s a possibility there may be a Hannibal feature film, and Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson are both up for it


* Fuller on the upcoming dynamics of the Red Dragon storyline: “Will Graham is looking at Francis Dolarhyde as a version of Hannibal that he might be able to save. Hannibal is looking at Francis Dolarhyde as a version of Will Graham that he can corrupt.”

*Richard Armitage on how he approached playing Dolarhyde: “I got a sense of a man that was uncomfortable in his own skin, and was trying to shed his own skin, and trying to become something more powerful and greater than he really was.”


*Hugh Dancy says there’ll be a time shift ahead three years between, presumably, whatever goes down at Muskrat Farm (Saturday night’s episode, “Digestivo”) and the Red Dragon storyline. Also Will Graham will find “a life and a wife” during that time, though “that doesn’t last very long.”

*Fuller (who cheerfully admits the dialogue is “pretentious”) tells the writers that each scene should be one-third Thomas Harris, a third based on real psychology, and a third incorporating the “special sauce” of what’s happening with the characters emotionally. In the dining scenes, food stylist Janice Poon and chef/consultant Jose Andres also help script the lines.


*Siouxsie (of Siouxsie and the Banshees!) composed a song for the finale! “It’s amazing, it’s epic, and it feels like a James Bond theme,” per Fuller. OH MY GOTH. (Fans self.)

* Fashion! There are flower crowns, blood-splattered “Fannibals,” Bryan Fuller’s magnificent Star Wars blazer (accessorized mid-panel with a scarf from a fan dressed up as Bedelia), and the confirmation that “there are short-shorts in our Red Dragon story.”



I’m just really going to miss this show, guys.