How many times have your plans for a relaxing Sunday afternoon picnic been foiled when you forgot something as simple as cutlery, or wine glasses? It's an unfortunate first-world problem that Build NY is trying to solve with this generously sized pic-a-nic bag, which unzips to reveal everything four people could ever need for dining in a park—including a blanket.

Made from insulating neoprene, the same material that lets divers wet themselves and stay warm, the convertible bag unzips and unfurls at the sides to reveal a place setting for four adventurous diners—including plastic plates, wine glasses, cutlery, and matching napkins. There's also plenty of room for food, sleeves for carrying wine bottles, and a drawstring bag that can be used for your trash. Because this bag's $150 price tag is nothing compared to the littering fine you'd get for leaving your garbage behind. [Built NY via The Gadgeteer]