There's a Massive 26,000 mAh Battery Hidden Inside This Briefcase

The bigger a portable charger you carry, the longer your gadgets can run while away from a power outlet. But backup batteries are heavy, so it's a tradeoff between capacity and what's comfortable to stash in your pocket. Unless you throw a bag like the Phorce over your shoulder, which makes it easy to haul around your toys, a laptop, and 26,000 mAh of extra power.


Waterproof zippers, microfiber-lined pockets, and strategic padding will ensure your devices stay safe and dry while inside the Phorce bag, but that's not the reason consumers will consider spending $700 on a briefcase without a stitch of leather. Hidden deep inside the Phorce is a massive 26,000 mAh battery with three USB ports that can charge multiple gadgets at once, including a laptop. And for comparison, the iPhone 5's battery measures in at a mere 1440 mAh.

Sweetening the pot is extra app-enabled functionality you won't find with smaller portable chargers. The Phorce has a free accompanying app that connects to its battery via Bluetooth and reports back the remaining charge on whatever devices are currently plugged in and being topped off. The app also serves as an alarm in case you forget your Phorce somewhere, alerting you when the Bluetooth connection is lost because your smartphone is no longer in range—an important feature when your bag costs more than the phone it's reviving. [Phorce]

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