There's a Tiny Working Planetarium Inside This Pop-Up Book

Adobe recently posted a video profile of designer and paper artist Kelli Anderson that includes a sneak peek at a phenomenal new pop-up book she created. But instead of castles or magical forests rising from its pages, the book is packed full of functional 3D contraptions including a planetarium with real constellations powered by a smartphone's LED camera flash.


This Book Is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions also has a working smartphone amplifier hidden amongst its pages, and even a playable guitar. It's unfortunately not set to his store shelves until October of this year, but Amazon already has a listing for it and you can pre-order the $30 book ahead of its release. Don't bother looking for a Kindle version, though, what fun is a pop-up book with nothing actually popping up?


[Adobe via Kottke]

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The Kindle version of this book isn't so great :(