For this to actually work it requires a very specific layout in your bathroom, but the renovations could be totally worth it. Because Julia Kononenko's 'Two In One' faucet is attached to an articulated arm so it can used for showering in the upright position, or for brushing your teeth when swung down over a basin.


There's no word on when Kononenko's design might be available at your local Home Depot—if ever—but the mechanism looks like a clever way to maximize space for those living in a small apartment with an even smaller bathroom. In theory it could even simplify renovations since water only needs to be routed to a single faucet. And if you found a way to get the sink to empty into the shower, that reduces the number of drainage pipes you'd need as well. Genius. [Konоnenko Industrial Design via designboom]

Photos via designboom

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