There's Lots of High-Flying Action in This New Supergirl Trailer

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I still don’t know what to make of Supergirl. The effects look better than the run-of-the-mill CBS series. Melissa Benoist has a very likable innocence to her, and the ties to the other DC superheroes sound intriguing. But are we really to trust this character to the network behind The Big Bang Theory?

This latest trailer certainly shows the large scale scope of the show. Lots of big action, effects, mythology and a sense of humor about it all too. We even get a brief tease at some of the villains Supergirl will be battling. All of that makes me optimistic, not to mention we know DC has been handling their characters on TV very well over on The CW. But CBS is different. It’s cleaner, more family-friendly and a little less connected to niche audiences. If Supergirl plays to non-comic fans better than comic fans, that would be disappointing. But at least it would then be on the air for decades.

Also on the Supergirl front, it was revealed that Non, the Kryptonian disciple of Zod famously seen in Superman II, will appear in the series.


The show debuts October 26.

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