When Hot Toys unveiled their vinyl “Artist Mix” figures for Age of Ultron, They didn’t quite work for me, as cute as they were. However, these new Ant-Man figures in the same style? They look awesome.

Coming in at around 13cm tall each, and like the Avengers the set of three figures—Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, and a “Blackout” Ant-Man variant—can be purchased individually, or together in a set.

I’m still trying to put my finger on why I think these look so much nicer than the Age of Ultron figures, and I think it’s mainly because there’s no human features to show off: all the characters are helmeted, and the weird blank eyes and little pinched features on the likes of Cap, Vision and the unmasked Tony Stark don’t quite work. But either way, while I don’t think everyone was expecting these little guys to be the first Hot Toys products for Ant-Man we saw, they’re definitely up there as some of the coolest bits of merch for the movie so far.


The Ant-Man Artist Mix figures will be available later this year, presumably for a similar price as the Avengers toys, around $40 apiece.


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