'If at first you don't succeed, release a transparent Pokémon-edition model'. That's Nintendo's (frankly flawless) logic behind two new and very transparent 2DS models, which are being released alongside new Pokémon games.

The original 2DS launched late last year to mild confusion and mediocre sales. It's basically just a 3DS, but in a non-folding, slate-like form factor, and without the 3-D bit. Other than that, it plays all the same 3DS and DS games as Nintendo's more well-established portables, and with a slightly lower pricetag.


The design is reminiscent of my old transparent pink Gameboy Color, which I remember killing hours on the earlier Pokémon with. Mind you, those were the early days of Gold and Silver — none of this Alpha Sapphire nonsense.

Presumably, Nintendo's hoping to see another bump in sales thanks to the transparent plastic, and lower pricetag for the new versions — you'll be able to pick up a Transparent Red or Transparent Blue for $99 after the November 21st launch. That's $30 less than the original price of the 2DS, and still a small saving over the current Amazon price. [Nintendo]

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