These Are the Android @ Home Light Bulbs You'll Be Able to Switch On With Your Android Device

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Part of me wishes Google had gone with the Plumen light bulbs instead of Lighting Science Group's bulb, but I guess they had their reasons. The 60-watt bulbs can be dimmed or brightened with a touch of an Android device.

It's part of Google's Android @ Home initiative, which developers will be able to use to create home automation apps. Not only will we be able to alter lightbulb brightness (or even turn them on/off) using an Android device, but there'll be a bunch of other cool tricks coming out once developers get the open source keys.


On sale at the end of the year, Lighting Science Group's bulbs won't cost much more than the usual LED lights set you back. [GigaOm via Inhabitat]

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Wife: Honey - would you turn the light off? I'm trying to put the baby to sleep.

Me: Sure

Pulls out phone...finds app...turns off wrong light...turns light back on...tries to turn off the right light.

Me: Huh...looks like the light bulb lost its wireless connection. I'll need to reboot it.

Turns light switch off...light goes out...turns light switch back on...light turns on.

Wife: Why did you turn it back on?

Me: So that I can turn it off. Dang it's still not working.

Turns light switch off for 30 secs...turns it back on.

Wife: Just leave it off!

Me: But then I won't be able to turn it on with my phone.

Wife: I'm going to kill you.

This exact same scenario has played out in my house with other pieces of tech. My wife just wants "X" to happen. It's not working the way I want it to so I try to fix it. I end up accomplishing what my wife wants, but not in the way I want it to happen. She gets pissed, and I don't get any.

In short these new light bulbs will be a great new form of birth control as geek husbands the world over try to get them working "right" and our wives just want to be able to turn the lights on and off.