These Are the First Videos Being Shot With Google Glass

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It's been a long wait, but the very first videos shot with Google Glass out in the wild are finally starting to pop up on the Internet. Some of them almost live up to the crazy spectacle of the first Google demos, but most don't. At least not yet. Here are the first ones out so far.


As you can see, the quality is pretty good, and that shouldn't be surprising considering the camera shoots in 720p. Granted, it's not going to look perfect if you blow it up to full screen, but it's a damn sight better than strapping a webcam to your head or something.

Google's Josh Armour racing go-karts in Burlingame, California.

Dan McLaughlin unboxing of Glass through Glass. Meta.

#ifIhadglass I'd… record myself playing a LOTR video game? I guess?

How to complete a plastic ball puzzle. In first person! !!!

Accidental video has never been easier!



Two potentially worrying things:

1) The fact that the Go Kart guy has to keep pushing Glass back up so it's obviously not particularly secure on his face.

2) The video quality is pretty poor...