As a certified petrol head and long time Formula 1 fan, I have dearly missed the Lego Racers theme since its departure in 2012. Lego is finally utilizing their licensing agreements with McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari in a new line called Speed Champions and I could not be more excited.

Shocking enough, all of the sets are in Minifigure scale, which was barely done in the old Racers theme. The models are welcomed, for sure, as my fairly elaborate City themed Lego display has been missing a proper race track for a few years now.


The above Ferrari F14 & Scuderia Ferrari Truck (75913) has to be my favorite, with a 4 fig pit crew and Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen minis. The F14 car has accurate livery and the support truck is a spitting image of the real thing. I promise you, I will buy at least a dozen of these as the Alonso Minifigure is sure to have perfectly manicured eyebrows. I am also already designing a "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing" custom torso for the Kimi fig.

Ferrari F150 (75899) or the LaFerrari (Ferrari the Ferrari) as it is more commonly known, is a decent model for this scale. A few stickers adorn the model (let us all just say it now, we hate stickers) to get the model looking about as close as you are going to get at this scale. I'm excited that the wheels on these are not the generic Lego wheel/tire combination and that for once the wheels are actually flush with the fender arches instead of poking out like some sort of 80's low rider.

Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 (75908) is virtually identical to its LaFerrari counterpart, with just subtle differences in the front splitter, a different set of wheels, an adjustable wing on the back and a trophy, no doubt for taking the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

McLaren P1 (75909). If money were no object, I would be driving one of these right now. The cones and kerbing are a nice touch but the best thing about this model is the use of the snowboard element as the rear wing.

The Porsche 918 Spyder (75910) is quite a good take on the car. Again with the custom wheels which are a spitting image of the exact wheel that comes on the 918. I will be pretending that the driver fig is Mark Webber after just dropping off Maria Sharapova.

Porsche 911 GT Finishing Line (75912) is brilliant. The two 911 GT3's are a beautiful design with what looks like specific wheels for the left Cup Car and the GT3 R Hybrid on the right. The start line is a nice touch, but that podium is especially good with the flag tiles for the UK, Germany, USA, France, Denmark, Russia, Italy and Spain. I'm guessing these are stickers and hopefully there are flags for Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Austria so that they can cover all of the Porsche factory drivers.

Last, we have the McLaren Mercedes Pit-Stop (75911) and the MP4-29. It's good, of course, but the driver is neither Danish Kevin Magnussen or Jenson Button which is upsetting. I've wondered this entire season why there isn't a Lego advertisement livery on the MP4-29 and for some reason they aren't acknowledging that one of the drivers for McLaren is from Denmark, the home of Lego. I'm going to have to find a Pink Helmet for the Button car.

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