These are your first Age of Ultron toys

New York Comic Con officially starts today, but Hasbro kicked off the merchandising fun last night with a sneak preview at some of their upcoming toys - including the very first look at their line of Avengers: Age of Ultron goodies.

Although there's not really much to see, the new toys do offer some tiny little details about the movie. Up first are two of the 6" figures in Hasbro's upcoming Marvel Legends Infinite wave based on the movie, Cap and The Hulk:


There's not much to glean from these two - We've already seen Cap's newest uniform thanks to Entertainment Weekly's SDCC coverage earlier this year, but this is our first decent look at The Hulk in AoU outside of concept art - and like the rest of the Avengers he's got himself a snazzy updated costume. Gone are the frayed trousers of Bruce Banner, replaced by some sleek (and presumably super-stretchy) black shorts. Looking good, Hulkster!

The most interesting tidbit about these figures is the press information included with them - not only does it confirm a new Iron Man is part of the wave, this time AoU's 'Mark 43' armour that brings the Red-Gold ratio back to balance after Iron Man 3's main suit, but also that the Build-a-Figure bonus for this wave will be Thanos himself. Now, it's a little pre-emptive and a bit foolish to make any assumptions about the movie based on the toy line (earlier this year, people started freaking out when Nova and Iron Man were part of Marvel Legend's Guardians of the Galaxy movie wave), but the inclusion of Thanos is pretty interesting. Will it be the movie version of the character, or a figure based on his Comic book design? And if it is the movie version, it could be a hint, given Thanos' presence at the end of The Avengers. Maybe he appears in a similar fashion in Age of Ultron?

The other toy Hasbro revealed is a vehicle for its upcoming line of cheaper 2.5" figures based on the movie, a new Quinjet:


It looks like the Quinjet itself has gone through a slight redesign since we saw it in The Winter Soldier earlier this year, but what is interesting is all the stickers on it - not only is it Avengers branded, like Cap's uniform is, there's insignia on it for the US Air Force and (you can just barely make it out under the cockpit window in the press image, it's clearer to see in person, thanks to this image from Toyark) Stark Industries. It looks like Tony might be getting some co-funding help from Rhodey and the military now that he's bankrolling the Avengers in the post-SHIELD world. It's nice to see all the 'Avengers A' logos everywhere though. Maybe Tony's taking branding tips from Hydra.


Hasbro will start rolling out their Age of Ultron products in Spring of next year.

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