Souvenirs have a tendency to skew way, way kitschy, especially when they're tied to major events like the Olympics. But these souvenirs—designed by a group of industrial design students—put a totally new spin on the traditional tat, and the results are pretty awesome.

The designs were done by students at the Swiss design school ECAL in honor of the reopening of Lausanne's Olympic Museum. My fave by far are the Olympic Matches by Cyrille Verdon. Each of the two teensy books—one summer, one winter—is filled with detachable sticks shaped like a different torch corresponding to the year it made its appearance; light 'em up and all of a sudden you're carrying the flame for the smallest relay team on earth. Clever as hell, and nicely done.

Olympic Matches by Cyrille Verdon


I also love Marceau Avogadro's ulta-minimal Stadium game, which pits a set of colorful competitors in a never-ending race around the track.

Stadium by Marceau Avogadro

In addition to capturing the spirit of the festivities, the students had to consider new materials and production methods. Two of the final designs are going to be put into production and sold at the store: Camille Ringenbach's Little Audience, which takes the form of the old-timey moo-maker toy and replaces the farm sound with roaring applause; and Emil Hjorth-Rohde's pop-up postcards.


Little Audience by Camille Ringenbach


Pop-Up Sculptures by Emil Hjorth-Rohde

Here's a look at the whole set:


In this post everyone's a winner, but! Which do you like the best? [Disegno Daily]