These Beautiful Swiss Skis Have Us Jonesing For a Massive Snow Storm

These new Zai Laisa skis are so beautiful, I want to ditch everything and hit the slopes right now. Except it's still November, I'm still at work, and there isn't any snow in upstate New York. But even as a snowboarder, I'm lusting after this pair.

The only question I have is about the tips—just looking at them, you can imagine they might make it more difficult to navigate deep powder. But Zai says this design actually improves performance. Here's the explanation behind the design:

The narrow front tip glides through deep snow with little resistance and gently supports the second tip in creating uplift in the right place. laisa's smoothness is constant, even on crust, as neither of the two tips can grip inadvertently.


They start at $5,000, and they're definitely meant for the advanced skiier. Cop these in blue, green, or orange, and get thee to a mountain. [Zai via AcquireMag]

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