These Crazy Powered Skates Accelerate Your Steps As You Walk

Ever since the Segway made its grand debut, mankind has been looking for crazy ways to take the work out of walking. And the Rollkers, a pair of powered skates, promise to make it much easier to get from point A to point B by accelerating every single step you take.

Unlike a pair of Rollerblades or roller skates that have the rider making a graceful gliding motion to propel themselves along, the Rollkers simply require the wearer to walk at a normal pace. The electric motors in the skates automatically kick in every time a foot makes contact with the ground, propelling the wearer along at twice their normal walking speed.


Battery life is rated at an optimistic full hour of use, and that's with a regenerative braking system that actually produces a little bit of extra power with every step. But real-world performance will depend on what speed you have them set at using a wirelessly connected app, and whether you're heading downhill, or trying to walk up a mountain. There's no word on when the Rollkers will finally be available—they've been in development for about eight years now—but their creator is optimistic that he can get them to the market with a price tag of around 400 euros sometime in the next few years. Fingers crossed. [Rollkers]

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