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Watch a new Mac Pro full of C4 explosive blowing up in slow motion

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

RatedRR has taken their gadget torture from shooting at things to blowing them with C4—a plastic explosive—and detonation cord. The victim will make Apple fanboys weep: A new shiny Mac Pro. The results are obviously spectacular—but perhaps even more impressive is how hard the Mac Pro is.

First they drop it on the ground and still works. After all, this thing has no delicate moving mechanisms. Then they drop it into water. Surprisingly, it keeps working after that.Then it's time to see how much C4 can you fit inside the Mac Pro, connect it to a detonation cord shaped like Apple's logo, and blow the thing to smithereens. They used about ten pounds of C4, so nothing was left of it: The Mac Pro disintegrated faster than Scott Forstall's baseball glove-stitched leather underpants.

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