These Incredible Lego Beasts Liven Up Iowa State's Reiman Gardens

Reiman Gardens, the 14 acre park that serves as entrance to Iowa State University already supports a wide variety of local wildlife. But this summer, the gardens will host another type of menagerie—one made entirely of Lego.

As part of the "Nature Connects" exhibit at Iowa State, Certified Lego Builder Sean Kenney and his team designed and built 27 animal sculptures from nearly half a million bricks. The mother bison statue alone required more than 45,000! The statues will be part of 14 displays set up throughout the park for the duration of the exhibit, which runs until October 28th. [Reiman Gardens via Treehugger - Images: Sean Kenney Designs]


45,143 bricks

31,565 bricks


37,481 bricks


15,581 bricks

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