These Lovely Prints Are a Last-Minute Gift That Won't Seem Desperate

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It's pretty late in the game to be shopping for any kind of gift right now—with only a couple of hours left, you've got a pretty meager list of store options to choose from, beginning with the gas station and ending with your own room. As long as you don't mind giving a facsimile of the actual gift, though, the awesome 20x200 art and print shop has you covered.


For example, check out a series of images by Jenny Odell—a San Francisco-based artist who we've featured here on Gizmodo once or twice. Odell culls her imagery from Google Satellite View, scouring the app for pieces of infrastructure and then surgically removing pieces to group against black or white backgrounds. There's 195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Lines, Tankers, and Other Ships. Or 104 Airplanes. 1,376 Cylindrical Industrial Buildings is mesmerizing, too. They are "collapsed pictures of my own disoriented wanderings through the endlessness of a scanned world — endlessly scrolling, endlessly zooming in," says Odell in a statement. "But they are also, as in any collection, acts of love."

They're fantastic images, and they'd make great last-minute gifts—because even though the prints themselves won't arrive by tomorrow, 20 x 200 has anticipated your situation and done up a little printable card to give in place of the real thing. It's not perfect, but it's also not any of these. [20x200]

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Stuart Humidor

These are fricking hideous. If someone gave me one of these I'd burn it in front of them.