A new clip from M. Night Shayamalan's After Earth titled "Monkey Discovery" has been released. In it, young Jaden Smith does indeed discover a monkey, who is extremely upset at being forced to star in an M. Night Shyamalan film. Justly so, I think.

Meanwhile, I think we can safely say that Shyamalan hasn't lost his touch of not sucking. What's your favorite awful part of this clip? Jaden's inability to close his mouth? Will Smith's complete lack of concern over the unknown entity approaching his unprotected son? The way Will's scanners picks up one monkey from 50 meters away, but somehow fails to notice the other 50 monkeys hanging out nearby? The way all the After Earth trailers have included Will Smith's line about how everything on Earth has evolved to kill humans (over the last 1,000 years, even without humans around!) and yet the best these monkeys can manage is halfheartedly tossing a few rocks at Jaden's stupid mouth-breathing face? They're all so wonderfully incompetent, it's hard to choose!