These Resurrected Polaroid Cameras Have Me Shaking With Anticipation

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You've got a Flip cam and plenty of Hipstamatic filters to get you through your photographic day-to-day. But there's nothing like the experience of a Polaroid. And it's coming back, thanks to the skillful refurbishing of Impossible Project and Photojojo.

The three models that are being brought back to life are the original SX-70, the Rainbow OneStep, and the Sun 660 Sonar. They span three decades of Polaroid development between 1972 and 1990, and each has been hand-inspected and retooled to work like new again.

And these aren't just any Polaroids. The SX-70 was the first to use the company's color instant film, the first to let you watch your film develop before your very eyes. The OneStep came into being during the days of disco—the rainbow stripe is a dead giveaway—while the Sun 660 was produced well into the 90s and features sonar focusing.


There aren't many available, and they don't come cheap. Impossible Project and Photojojo have restored 40 each of the OneStep and the Sun 660 (at $200 each, including a pack of film)), while there are just 20 SX-70s ($350) up for sale. But these are working fossils, artifacts brought to life. The memories they evoke, and the new ones they create, are worth every penny. [Photojojo via BoingBoing]

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uh... you can find working ones for much cheaper on eBay or in a local thrift store. Is there something special about these ones that would justify the $200? I guess I just don't get it. :/

Sun 660 i quickly found on eBay for $28: []

p.s. you can also get the film on eBay for around $30.