These Trippy Cross-Section Portraits Were Made Without Photoshop

Berlin-based artist Michael Lamoller uses analogue editing techniques to create super trippy timelapse portraits of people in a series called "Tatochronos." The portraits are collaged upon one another from several printed images, cut up, and then layered. The look results in a cutaway-style collage of a person.


Lamoller takes several photos as the subject changes clothing or leaves the frame and comes back, and then prints each photo individually. Once he has the photos, he prints them, layers them where they fit into a portrait/collage image, and cuts away parts to wind up with an image that demonstrates the layers of a person.

As the art world continues to move into an increasingly high-tech workflow, Lamoller's work is an incredible demonstration of how not all editing needs to be done on a computer. The distinct look of a collage done by hand can provide a unique experience that many more modern artists might never consider. [Michael Lamoller via Wired]

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