Were it not for the tiny gray studs atop each platter, you’d probably need more than a double-take to confirm that this pair of Technics turntables (plus a mixer) were actually made from nothing but Lego.

Built by Arran Hearn after finding the rounded Lego panels that make up the outer edge of each platter, this half-scale pair of 1200s (the gray version is technically a Technics 1210) actually spin, and the VU meter on the mixer in-between jumps up and down in sync with an imaginary beat.

Despite being half the size of the real thing, Hearn has managed to include some impressive details on this DJ setup. The tone arm, the sliders, and all the knobs on the mixer in-between the two decks look perfect, and they all move.

Hearn just needs to find a way to make playable Lego records and wannabe DJs will be clambering to build a pair of their own. [Flickr - Arran Hearn via The Brothers Brick]

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