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Things Are Getting Hilariously '80s on These New Monster Squad Vinyls

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Lots of people say they’re children of the ‘80, but I’m of the belief that isn’t true unless you know The Monster Squad. Fred Dekker’s under-appreciated 1987 monster mash-up remains a worthy cult classic and Mondo is about to pay tribute in an awesome way.

This summer, they’ll release four different 7-inch vinyls of music from the film, each featuring art of one of the film’s monsters by a talented artist. Here are the four releases, including when/where you may be able to get them.


Frankenstein art by Jason Edmiston, this version will be available in U.S. record stores this May.


This Gillman art by Randy Ortiz will be in U.K. record stores in May.

Wolfman (who, as we learn in the film, has “nards”) art by Gary Pullin, available at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, Texas.


This Dracula art by Phantom City Creative will be on Mondo’s website in May.

So what’s on these records? Side one is just one of the best songs from any ‘80s movie: “Rock Until You Drop” by Michael Sembello. And really, this video is just going to make your day.

Plus, it has “The Monster Squad Rap” on the other side. Not as good, but still pretty great. Good luck getting this out of your head.

And if you haven’t seen The Monster Squad before, get on that NOW. It’s basically what Universal is trying to do now in 2016, a fun team-up movie with all of the Universal Monsters. Except this one was written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Predator, Iron Man 3) and has those songs in it.