Thirty Hand-Machined RED EPIC Cameras Will Film The Hobbit in 3D

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Peter Jackson, who's made a few movies, is preparing to shoot another one called The Hobbit. That's interesting news! What's also interesting is how he will film it: Thirty uber-expensive RED EPIC cameras. It's good to be the king.

Or is the king James Cameron? I can't remember which incredibly rich and successful director is the king these days.


Anyway, do you also want to be a king amongst men and shoot a homemade version of The Hobbit, using your own RED EPIC camera, just like Peter Jackson? I ask because it's entirely possible, provided you pony up $58,000 for one of the rigs he will use.

Included in the asking price is an EPIC-M body, titanium mount, 5-inch touchscreen, batteries, solid state storage and a host of other goodies that are kind of silly to outline with too much detail since, you know, the rigs cost $58,000 each. He will have 30!


Filming starts next year with the fruits of Jackson/RED's labor expected to arrive sometime in 2012 (part 1, anyway). [RED User Forums via Engadget]