This 1960s Skater Looks Like a Time Traveler From 2012

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As I was sifting through this excellent LIFE photograph archive of skateboarding in the 1960's, I noticed something a little off. Amidst the flooded dress pants, sweater jackets and generally well dressed people of the 1960's, was this guy. Jeans. Shirt. Shades. Devil may care attitude. He looks like a dude who just shot a Instagram pic, not a guy from the 60's.

What is it about this guy? The jeans he's wearing looks more like it's raw selvedge denim, a trend that didn't really take off until the aughts. His back pocket looks like it could be holding a beanie, one that he was wearing like a lazy noodle over his head. His shirt? I have one just like it. Scruff on his face? A growing hipster. Shades? Unpossibly modern. The only thing that screams (more like whisper) 1960 is his dress shoes. Other than that, we have a time traveler folks!

Maybe this dude is BFFs with the bro from the 1940s and they're experimenting every era. Or maybe he was in cahoots with Bill Eppridge, the photographer who managed to freeze a moment in 1960 that looks like it's perfect for 2012. Maybe from a different angle, his shirt looks tighter and more old fashioned. Maybe at a different moment, he's wearing a sweater vest. But that picture right there? Totally a glimpse of the future from the past, time traveling or not. [Retronaut via Kottke]


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Has to be early sixties, with that haircut.

One other thing marks this as old....the size of that skateboard!!!!!! I haven't seen one that small since the....well, okay...since the 70s.

Plus, several of those pictures, I keep wanting to say, "what? There are skaters?" I am just staring at all that old iron that Hot Rodders today would kill for. I need to slide over to Jalopnik for a car hit.

Update: I looked at the whole series, and it cannot be earlier than late 1964. One picture shows a 1965 Impala wagon, which would have been on sale in September or October of 1964, but not earlier, so not quite as early as I first thought. But, still...the boards are tiny and one of them even has the old metal skate wheels on it.