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This 26-Year Old Makes Millions Writing Kindle-Only Books

Illustration for article titled This 26-Year Old Makes Millions Writing Kindle-Only Books

Amanda Hocking doesn't have a deal with a major book publisher. Just as well. Because the 26-year old author is making millions self-publishing through Kindle, selling 100,000 copies of her books each month and keeping 70% of the proceeds.


How? Volume. Hocking sells her work for three bucks a pop. That means lower revenue, sure, but she has literally no overhead. She just has to dole out Amazon's 30% cut, and keeps the rest—an estimated $2 million per year—for herself. You're jealous. That's okay! Just go write your own novel or three, slap 'em on Kindle, and hope you get noticed in the sea of thousands of independently published titles. [Business Insider]

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She's so emo her checks cut themselves?