This 5-minute film was made in 48 hours, and tells a better story than most features

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Every year the Sci-Fi London Film Festival issues a challenge to filmmakers. They hand out bags full of props, a movie title, and theme prompts to filmmakers, and then give them 48 hours to produce a 5-minute film. A group of judges choose the winner, who will get backing to make a feature film. This year, they got hundreds of entries. The winner, "Future, Inc." by Future Tense, is simply incredible. What's amazing is that in just a few deft strokes, you understand these characters' motivations, glimpse some of the key aspects of their future world, and even get a fairly intense plot arc that's both funny and sad.

When I saw this screened at Sci-Fi London earlier this month, the crowd went wild. Apparently the main prop the filmmakers got was "sticky notes with writing on them." I can't wait to see what Future Tense does with their feature film.

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