This Animated Particle Physics Book Isn't Just For Kids

A is of Accelerator, B is for Black hole, C is for Cryostat! Those are just a few of the particle physics lessons your kids will get from Symmetry Magazine’s new lovely, animated alphabet book that gives them an early start on science. Heck, you might learn a little something too.

The 26-page book—Symmetry’s ABCs of Particle Physics—is available in three different formats: the animated version runs smoothly in your browser when you scroll up and down the pages, or you can view the static version or a pretty PDF edition to read the book offline or in print.


The short, rhyming collection of basic particle physics concepts “will lead you to minuscule particles, high-tech equipment, far-out phenomena and fascinating theories” write the book’s authors, Lauren Biron and Chris Smith. And the book’s images, a few of which we’ve included below, are something to behold too.

C is for cryostat, so icy and cold!
D is for detector, where collisions unfold.
I is for inflation that made the universe expand.
N is for neutrinos coming in endless streams.
T is for tracks particles leave as a trail.

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