This Animated Vanagon Tribute Will Leave You Pining for Open Roads

It takes a special breed of traveler to own a VW Vanagon. These quirky people-movers are far from the most luxurious whips on the road but they always seem to arrive at the most scenic of destinations. Or the garage. Because these things break down—a lot.

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That's a neat video. I appreciate the fact that people are starting to love these things again. When I bought my first one, it was just a 4-5 year old used car. They may be slow, and short on features* you find on a modern car, but it's pretty damn useful. It was a great car to have through my 20s. Even today, it's more roomy than anything short of a commuter van.

Because these things break down—a lot.

Really? I have found that they're some of the most durable vehicles I have owned. I find most of the problems are due to the lack of preventative maintenance, and the fact that the youngest Vanagon on the street is now 24 years old. Old cars are old. Not sure what people are expecting when they buy an old car with little or no service history.

What kind of issues have you run into, or are you comparing them to a modern 5-10 year old used car?

*Power locks, windows, steering, heated remote mirrors, dual heat, air conditioning, car-like handling, rear wiper, seating for 7, and steady 17-20mpg isn't half bad - even for these times. (albeit if you don't mind holding a steady 70mph on the highway)

This is 70s technology, and it ain't half bad.