This Aquaman-related Batman v. Superman rumour sounds totally Insane

Now this is weird. We've known for ages that Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in Batman v. Superman (even that's something we're not sure on still) - but this new rumour circulating might tell us how he fits into the larger picture of DC's plans. And it's honestly pretty damn ludicrous.

Before we get ready to liberally wield our salt shakers in skepticism, lets see what we're dealing with. The rumour originates from Schmoes Know's Meet the Movie Press podcast, who claim a source has told them about Aquaman's appearance in Batman V. Superman. The hero will purportedly look a bit surfer-dude-ish (I guess that's appropriate for Aquaman), and have Atlantean tribal tattoos - which sounds a bit too 'Khal Drogo but underwater' to me, but anyway, that's not even the crazy part of this rumour.


Apparently Aquaman's influence has already been seen on screen, in Man of Steel. Wait, bu-whaaaa?

According to Schmoes Knows, Batman v. Superman will flashback to the sequence in Man of Steel where Superman saves his fellow Oil Rig workers from a massive fire, before plummeting into the ocean as the Rig collapses around him. Here's the scene to jog your memory:

See those two whales? According to Schmoes Know's source, they're sent by Aquaman to save Kal-El and bring him to shore (immediately after he sees the Whales, Man of Steel cuts to Supes walking out of the water on the beach - BvS will fill this gap in by showing Aquaman control the Whales with his powers to drag him to the shore).


Not only is this rumour crazy because it sounds totally batshit crazy, it would also mean that DC have been playing a bit of a long game when it comes to tying all their Justice League members together - arguably, that's something they've been bad at showing to their audience so far, but there we go.

So, take it all with a pinch of salt regardless. If it's false, it's easily one of the maddest rumours we've had about Batman v. Superman yet, and there's been a few of those. If true, sillier things have happened when it comes to these Comic book movies, I guess!


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