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This Armored 4x4 Is a Warthog for the Modern Day Super Soldier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Is there any more exhilarating rush than plowing your Warthog through wave after wave of Covenant Grunts while your buddy goes to town with the onboard autocannon? There is, now that Israel Military Industries has gone ahead and built a real one.

The CombatGuard is an armored 4x4 sitting atop a monster truck suspension (and 54 inch rims) that, like the fictional M12, can be adapted to a number of combat scenarios. Its passenger compartment can accommodate up to 8 fully-equipped soldiers or be converted into an all-terrain medivac, anti-aircraft platform, fast attack vehicle, or light reconnaissance vehicle.


The 300 hp, 6.5 liter turbo diesel propels it to 75 mph off road and a staggering 95 mph on asphalt with a a 500 mile combat radius while its oversized tires and matching suspension allow it to boulder over 70 degree inclines. Its wraparound ballistic armor also offers protection from small arms fire, armor-piercing rifle rounds, even IEDs and landmines.

More impressive is the vehicle's onboard Bright Arrow automated protection system. As General Dynamics' website explains,

Bright Arrow utilizes a sensor suite and remote fire capability to rapidly detect, engage and overmatch threats typically encountered during military missions. The sensor suite provides robust detection capability of anti-tank threats and small arms bursts. The soft kill layer is based on a directional electro-optical jammer to engage a threat's tracking and sensing behavior.

The interceptor-based hard kill layer protects against close-range anti-tank rockets and guided missiles by physically destroying or deflecting the threat a safe distance from the defended platform. The blast interceptor effectively destroys or deflects an incoming threat with minimal fragmentation, minimizing collateral damage or injury to nearby personnel.


The Israeli military is rumored to be interested in procuring a number of these vehicles in the near term. Hopefully they'll find a place in the US arsenal as well. [PopSci - General Dynamics]